Wedding Wednesday: The Pink Bride Show (Knoxville, TN)

Sunday, August 13th, the Knoxville Convention Center hosted The Pink Bride 2017 Show!

The show boasted your ability to “plan your whole wedding in one day, in one place!”. Although I think that might be a bit (or a lot) of an overstatement, I still thought the event was a lot of fun, and worth the money spent to attend.

Tickets go for $12 if you buy ahead of time, and $15 at the door, or online the day of. I purchased my ticket online to save a few dollars, and save the hassle of having to pay at the door. Purchase of a brides ticket also includes a free year-long subscription to brides magazine.

Bridal Show Swag!

I would strongly recommend checking out the vendors who are going to attend if you are considering going to a bridal show. At this point, all Chris and I have set up for our wedding is the venue, date, photographer, and I have my dress. So when I saw there were going to be lots of caterers, DJ’s, and event rental companies, I knew I could potentially find a vendor I actually need at the show.


I will admit that I was kind of disappointed at the lack of hair, make-up and cake vendors in attendance. I know these things are generally handled at the bottom of the planning checklist, but I was hoping sample several cake options.

What the show lacked in cake, it made up for in entertainment. Sarah and I had a blast using the props and taking pictures in the photo booths set up across the show. The experience got me thinking it might be something my friends might also enjoy at the wedding!


Another surprising booth at the show was Gold’s Gym. Although I was initially surprised to see a gym, it actually made a lot of sense. Tons of brides are determined to get in the best shape of their life before their wedding. If I was a gym owner, I’d probably want to capitalize on that market too! The booth was challenging all brides to a push-up competition- and the prize was a free six-month membership. I was pretty skeptical at first (especially since I was wearing a skirt!) but Sarah talked me into trying it. I ended up winning the competition, and the free membership, which is pretty awesome!



Suntan city, a local tanning salon, was also present at the bridal show. Attendants were invited to spin a wheel where they could win all kinds of different prizes. My spin won me a free spray tan, a free tanning bed upgrade, as well as a 20% coupon for any salon products.  Since spray tans typically cost $30-40, I was pretty thrilled.


The Pink Bride Show was a lot of fun, but before attending a bridal show of your own, these are the things you should consider:

  1. Efficiency. What types of vendors do you still need for your event? Will there be a reasonable number of these types of vendors there  for you to meet? Are they within your budget/would they satisfy any specific requirements you have?
  2. Cost. How expensive is the show? Is there enough incentive in discounts/prizes/gifts/giveaways at the show to make the cost worthwhile?
  3. Your personality. Are you a social butterfly who loves to engage with potential vendors? Are you comfortable chatting with sales people? Are you comfortable saying “no thank you” or “I’m not interested”? The people at these events are here to attract brides, and get them to sign a contract on the spot (or as soon as possible). If you are uncomfortable with the pressure of sales people, or prefer to have long periods of time to mull over your decisions, bridal shows may not be the best for you.

I personally ended up with a free six-month gym membership, several free tanning/spray tanning sessions, a bridal magazine subscription, and several packets of valuable pricing information. For me, the bridal show was worth the time, money and energy spent. Some may not agree with me, but I think they can be a fun and enjoyable tool for the wedding-planning process.

Do you have any experience at bridal events? I’d love to hear any tips/recommendations!

Until next time,


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