European Wax Center Service Review (Knoxville, TN)

I’m normally the type of person who gets their facial hair “maintenance” taken care of as an afterthought at the nail salon. But, after my last experience, I realized missing a chunk of my eyebrow hair and walking around with a lopsided-looking face was no longer worth the convenience of getting it done after my pedicure.

If you live in West Knoxville, you have likely seen the giant new billboards advertising the opening of a new European Wax Center in the Brookview Centre complex. These billboards entice the locals to to give the company a try with a free waxing service on your first visit. Considering my latest eyebrow waxing experience, I figured it was time to take my needs to a dedicated professional.

The following review will contain a detailed account of my experience at the salon, followed by my honest review of the salon and services. I have also included before and after pictures of my eyebrows for those who are interested.

My Experience:

I was able to book an appointment online without much difficulty, and my appointment was quickly confirmed with a phone call from the salon. Their online scheduling system is easy to use, and allows you to select a particular person for your services if you have a preference.

When I arrived at the salon, I was greeted by a receptionist. She checked me in, then walked me over to a giant display, and gave a pitch on several lines of products the company created to extend the life the services offered. I was then handed a product catalog, and given detailed information on several long-term waxing packages they offered. I had been in the salon for five minutes, and my head was already dizzying with the sales pitches being thrown at me.

A few minutes later, I was gathered from the waiting area by my waxing specialist. She led me to a small room (similar to doctors office patient rooms), and had me lay down on the service table. She explained what she was doing as she went. First, there was a swab of some sort to  “remove any oil or makeup that might prevent the wax from adhering”. This was followed by a second product that was supposed to “protect the skin mantle”- this seemed odd to me, but I didn’t complain.

Next, came the wax itself. The consistency was different from any other wax I’ve ever experience. Rather than a hot wax that is removed by adhering to a piece of cloth and then being pulled off, the wax itself became hard, and was pulled directly off the face. The wax was followed with some tweezing and a special serum that is supposed to prevent redness (HA!) and ingrown hairs.

I personally haven’t ever had an issue with ingrown hairs, but I tend to get REALLY red from waxing. This experience was  no different- I looked like a tomato when she was finished. The redness dissapeared after twenty minutes. Now, brace yourself for some very unflattering, no-makeup photos of my experience!

Before(The caterpillars weren’t in terrible shape, but definitely needed to be cleaned up a little!)

After (about ~10 min after service. Not filtered so you can see some redness still)


My Thoughts- The Good:

The waxing service itself was great. The technician removed all unwanted hair, and it was not any more painful than a normal waxing service. She took the time to make sure my brows were shaped the way  wanted them. It was relatively quick, and I didn’t get any ingrown hairs or a reaction to the wax.

My Thoughts- The Bad:

This place reeks of corporate selling pressure. From the time you walk in the door, to the time you leave, the employees are pushing products and services. I realize this is not the fault of the employees, as I am sure they are required to give every guest detailed information about every single package they offer, as well as information about their product lines. This information was rattled off to me by the receptionist who checked me in and out, as well as the girl who was waxing me. The company calls their services a “pampering experience”, but I would have to disagree. If you enjoy the pain of waxing and the constant chatter of sales pitches, then perhaps this is true.

The other downside to this particular company is the pricing structure. For someone who is used to paying $10 for an eyebrow wax at nail salons, the $20 price tag caused a little sticker shock. The company does offer lots of pricing packages that make the price per treatment less expensive, but only if you are willing to fork over a quite a bit of money up front.


Despite the annoying sales talk, I would return the The European Wax Center for services in the future. I didn’t enjoy the hard sales push of the employees, but the waxing service itself was excellent, and that is obviously important. Despite the higher price tag, I would happily pay for these service again in the future.

For more information on European Wax Center, including services, locations, and pricing, visit:

Feel free to let me know if you have any reccomendations on beauty services in Knoxville!

Until next time,


**Cover image from European Wax Center Website: **

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