Athletic Adventures: I’m trying Crossfit for a month!

I’m already imagining the sickened groans and exasperated eye-rolling following the phrase: “I’m trying Crossfit!”. For whatever reason, Crossfit seems to polarize the opinions of the fitness community- there is no grey area. You either love it (and LOVE to talk about how much you love it), or you detest the idea of a workout routine that involves 200 reps of the same Olympic movement.

Crossfit gyms have rapidly appeared around the country over the last few years. In 2013, reports estimate a growth from 13 to 7000 gyms since 2005(Source- Channel signal, linked below). Crossfit also seems to be extremely popular with my age group. One source cites that 40% of participants fall in the 25-34 age range (Source-Rally fitness, linked below). So, regardless of how you personally feel about Crossfit, it looks like it is here to stay.


I know what you’re thinking…Why in the HELL would anyone randomly decide to pick up Crossfit? I could answer this question a number of ways:

  • Primarily, I want to see why Crossfit has become such a hot topic- you can trash the sport, and you can love the sport- but either way, you are talking about it. It has become popular, and I want to know why.
  • I need a change in my (somewhat nonexistent) workout routine of the moment. I injured my hamstring playing soccer a few weeks ago, so I’ve been taking it easy. Now that I feel 100% again, I’m eager to get back into a regular workout schedule.
  • In college, I played division 1 soccer. As a result, I was introduced into the miracles that weight training can do for your fitness, physique, and athletic performance. It has been quite a while since I lifted on a regular basis, and this seems like a great way to get back into it.

I’ve noticed, at least in Knoxville, that Crossfit boxes are as common as yoga/pilates/barre studios. So after a little research on different gyms in my area, I chose a gym that is both close to my work, and affordable. I was little surprised at how expensive some of the gyms are- there were locations that charged more than $150/month. Considering I am already a member of a “regular” gym, I felt an inexpensive and convenient option would be my best bet. So, I joined Crossfit First Creek, and I begin my month-long introduction on August 1st.


The “Rules” of my Crossfit Journey are as follows:

  • Attend at least 4 Crossfit classes each week.
  • I may supplement my Crossfit training (on days I don’t take classes) 1-2 times a week. AKA- to take my puppy running, or to play soccer.
  • Post weekly check-ins with photos, measurements, and my overall thoughts/opinions on the classes that week.

My goals/expectations for this month:

  • Get back into a regular workout routine.
  • Meet some new fitness-minded people, and understand why they love and stay committed to Crossfit workouts.
  • Determine what kind of changes to my physique occur as a result of Crossfit training.
  • Provide insight/information for anyone who is curious about trying Crossfit.


Hopefully I’ve piqued your interest, and you’ll follow along as I explore the world of Crossfit. If you’ve tried Crossfit before, or have a story about your experience, feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts!


Until next time,



All images are courtesy of Crossfit First Creek Fountain City.


2 thoughts on “Athletic Adventures: I’m trying Crossfit for a month!

  1. Love this idea! As an amateur Crossfitter and someone willing to throw myself into 28 days of just about anything, I think it’s awesome you’re giving it a try. One thing having a nutritionist has helped me with over the past couple of months, really up your carbs if you find yourself overly sore. I wish you the best!


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