Chris Put A Ring On It!

We’re getting married!

I was sure it was going to rain. The warm Florida sun that greeted us on Monday morning was nowhere to be found, and the weather app on my phone informed me that the probability of showers was quite high.

Before Chris and I left for vacation with my family, we had made an agreement to attempt to keep ourselves accountable for our time away. We had agreed to either walk on the beach, or work out at the gym in the condo together every morning (lofty goals for vacation, I know). Nevertheless, it was day two of vacation, and I was determined to stick to our plan. Due to the impending weather, I was convinced we would be working out at the gym. Because, you know, it was indoors.

Chris disagreed.

We bickered back and forth as we left the condo and got into the elevator. I’m stubborn as hell, so I pushed the button for the second floor, where the gym was located. For some strange reason, the elevator wouldn’t take my instructions. I was pressing the button, but it wouldn’t light up, and it skipped right over the second floor. When the doors opened on the ground floor, Chris just shrugged his shoulders and said, “Guess the elevator decided we should walk on the beach this morning”.

Frankly, I was annoyed. Like really, really annoyed. The elevator didn’t cooperate, and now I was gonna be stuck walking in the sand in running shoes in the rain. As we stepped off the boardwalk and into the sand, I can only imagine the disgust painted all over my face. I love the beach, but I don’t care for sand. I really don’t care for getting sand in my shoes. So walking in running shoes on the beach is literally one of the last things in the world I wanted to be doing that morning.

I whined for a few minutes, and Chris didn’t say much, so eventually, I got quiet too. We passed under fishing pier, and Chris slipped his hand into mine. Something about his demeanor had changed, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Another minute passed, and I stopped. I wrapped my arms around his waist, and popped up onto my tippy-toes to peck him with a kiss. It was my attempt at waving the white flag after all my whining about our walk.

Chris suggested we sit for a minute. I almost had another diva moment about sitting in the sand in my Lululemon leggings, but I thought better of it. We sat down in the sand, and he started talking about our lives together… and I knew. His right hand emerged, trembling, from his pocket with a ring. And he asked me to marry him!

He slipped the ring onto my finger, and then I couldn’t stop kissing him. At one point he wrapped his arms around me, and asked me if at any point I had actually said yes. We both laughed, and I realized I wasn’t quite sure if I had.

“Well, my answer is definitely yes!” I giggled as we both stood up and swiped the sand off our bodies.

proposal picture_edited

There was a couple nearby, so we asked them to take our picture. Then, as we headed back up to the condo, we heard faint shouting in the distance. As we looked up to the 13th story of our building, I saw my family jumping up and down and waving.

I was thrilled to get to share this moment with my family. There were lots of hugs from my father and brother, and plenty of tears from my mom. As I told my family the story, I realized how lucky I was that Chris didn’t change his mind on the way down to the beach. I guess he is ready to deal with me for the rest of our lives after all!

I know it has taken me forever to get this up, so I apologize. But I figured, better to get the story up late than never 😉

Until next time,


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